Machine Learning. Automation. AI.

How is technology changing heavy equipment design?

Over the next few years, the designers of heavy equipment and off-highway machines are facing major technological challenges. Clients are already looking to improve safety and productivity by adding the latest in sensors, GPS, IoT devices, and HMI interfaces.

On Sept 12, 2019, CM Labs held the first session of our off-highway focused webinar series, exploring the challenges and opportunities that product-design & engineering teams can expect to face over the next few years.


Presenter: Dr. Arnold Free, CIO, CM Labs

Topics include:

  • How are machine learning, automation, and AI making engineers rethink their design process?
  • How will massive data-sets affect machine design?
  • How will equipment operators adjust to the reality of automated machinery?
  • What innovative tools can engineers use to improve their work?
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