What is Smart Training Technology?

CM Labs’ simulation-based training solutions deliver the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside the real equipment. That’s because they are the only solutions that incorporate CM Labs’ Smart Training TechnologyTM.

Inside the technology

Smart_Training_TechnologySmart Training Technology is comprised of CM Labs’ proprietary and patented algorithms. Built on a high-fidelity real-time physics engine, it includes a mechanical engineering layer with multi-body constraints, transmission, tire models, cables, and other real-time simulation features that are unique on the market. This results in training that’s based on real data and real machines.

Development of Smart Training Technology is driven by first-rate system engineering practices that ensure the right approaches produce the right training—and avoid negative training.

With simulation models developed by CM Labs’ team of experts, it also contains a massive verification database that is scripted and repeatable with nearly 20,000 daily tests, backed by in-the-field training validation with subject matter experts including the IUOE, OETIO, Manitowoc, and others.

Predictive Training

Predictive TrainingPredictive Training is a feature of CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology. Built into CM Labs’ Instructor Operating Station, it monitors trainee progress, and recommends areas the operator should focus on to improve key competencies.

Predictive Training assesses all the metrics that are automatically captured by the simulator. Then, based on a detailed analysis of the operator training sessions, the Predictive Training system will recommend the focus of the next session with an automatic calculation of learning gaps and next steps.

The system continually monitors progress and guides operators through development of skills needed for improved performance.

The result: tailored, cost-effective training that builds real operator skills.