Why simulation?

Workers on construction sites can face life changing situations in an instant, making effective training and regular skills assessments a centerpiece of any workforce development program.

Training on Vortex Simulators helps bridge the gap between the classroom and the work site. It allows operators to safely develop skills, and learn how to react and avoid life changing situations, in ways that are impossible to recreate with the real equipment. 

Learn how Crane Industry Services uses simulators for more effective and safer training

During the seminar, you will hear from Debbie Dickinson, CEO of Crane Industry Services, a leading training organisation for crane operator and rigger training. Based in Atlanta (Georgia), they're using simulation-based training to create safer and more productive work sites.

You'll also get a chance to experience first-hand the immersive Vortex Advantage simulator and understand why it's a powerful tool for every stage of the workforce development cycle.

Vortex-Advantage-Crane-Training-Simulator-from-CM-Labs-Simulations-1Operator Assessment

Learn how to benefit from powerful assessment capabilities, such as customisable scoring and reports

Effective Training

Understand why Vortex Simulators deliver the most transferable skills anywhere, outside the real equipment


Experience an entire fleet of heavy equipment with a single Vortex Simulator, thanks to swappable controls

Register now

Venue: Central Technology Center Drumright Campus
Address: 3 CT Circle, Drumright, OK, 74030 - Click to see the location
Date: November 6
Time: 10 AM - 2 PM

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