Powerful, immersive driver-training simulations

For over 20 years, CM Labs has provided cutting-edge, physics-based simulation capabilities that have set industry standards for interactive 3D simulation and visualization. Through Vortex Studio, CM Labs provides enhanced simulators for training, mission rehearsal, prototyping, and testing applications.

At I/ITSEC 2019 (December 2-6 — Orlando, FL) CM Labs product experts will be on hand at both Bohemia Interactive Simulations' (#2534) and Epic Games' (#2161) booths to highlight:
  • The full feature set of Vortex Studio and its capabilities as the leading high-fidelity, real-time simulation creation and deployment platform
  • A unique multi-sensory vehicle training demo powered by Vortex Studio and VBS3 by CM Labs' partner Bohemia Interactive Simulations
  • A VR-based, full motion simulation showcasing the advantages of uniting Vortex Studio and Epic Games' Unreal Engine for driver-training purposes


“We will show how Vortex Studio is ideal for developing true-to-life  vehicle and mechanical equipment training simulators,” said Lisa Barbieri, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience, CM Labs. “When this realism is tied to other software tools and existing workflows, teams can enhance and supercharge their existing processes, projects, & programs.”


  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations (#2534)
  • Epic Games (#2161)

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