Join us in Orlando, FL (Nov 26-20)

The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) is the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training conference, a key event for those companies and individuals engaged in simulation-empowered training, product development, and research related to defense and security.

CM Labs will be on hand at the the Bohemia Interactive Simulations booth (2235) demonstrating the new Vortex Studio for VBS integration, along with the Vortex Studio software suite and a Vortex Advantage construction simulator.

Vortex Studio for VBS3 is a ground-breaking development in military training simulations, a
software integration that allows users of Bohemia’s VBS3 and VBS STE to easily enhance their
simulations with Vortex Studio’s innovative dynamics engine, adding higher-fidelity vehicles and
equipment in training and mission planning applications.

CM Labs will also be showing the most recent release of their industry-leading simulation and visualization platform, Vortex Studio.

Vortex Studio 2018c features:

  • Improved earthwork systems including improved physical fidelity, upgraded soil solver, and enhanced graphics
  • All new parallel solver (patent pending) that distributes calculations across computing cores for increased real-time simulation performance.
  • Enhanced vehicle systems allowing for better simulation of hard ground-wheel interactions and fine-tuning of wheel inertia independently of geometry.
  • Cable systems that can break with a realistic snap-back or “whiplash” effect that is important in safety training.
  • Technology preview of physically based rendering, matching the lighting technology seen in cutting-edge gaming engines. This leads to highly realistic visuals, including reflections, “metalness,” and indirect lighting.
  • Much more...

To see CM Lab's full product offering, register for a demo at I/ITSEC.