Is you training program ready for the future? Discover how CICB transformed its crane operator training with simulation technology.

CICB, a leading crane inspection and training company in the U.S. since 1969, has significantly enhanced its training program with CM Labs simulation training at its Houston Training Center. By incorporating advanced simulators, CICB has reduced training costs, minimized equipment wear and tear, and improved safety standards.

Simulation training helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, offering realistic environments and scenarios that prepare operators for real-world challenges. CICB's innovative approach to preparing the next generation of crane operators for the complexities of modern construction sites

What you'll learn by downloading the free Case study: 

  1. The Role of Simulation in Reducing Training Time and Costs;
  2. Enhancing Safety and Operator Confidence Through Realistic Training Scenarios 
  3. Attracting the Next Generation of Operators with Technology:

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